Shaping our future together

C Talks is an invitation-only peer-to-peer community created for and by the most influential executive leaders from leading companies. The vision: to shape our future together and grow as individuals with the purpose to create a trusted, collaborative community for peers with similar challenges in order to exchange experiences, and best practices and facilitate Peer Coaching and Peer Consulting. We build on mutual trust, high confidentiality and radical openness and are therefore self-governed and independent from any sponsors or advisors.

We meet regularly in small, personal settings hosted by our members, virtually or physically – in three different formats:



You in your personal transformation


You and your interdisciplinary impact


You in your functional challenge

Functional Circles You meet 10-20 functional peers to discuss current challenges typical to your function, seek peer-advise or share relevant personal experiences.

CXO Circles You meet 20-30 peers of all C-Level functions in an interdisciplinary setting in order to discuss the collaboration and implementation of megatrends and cross-functional challenges.

Peer-to-Peer Circles You meet ~7 peers in this highly transformative and confidential setting to seek peer-coaching and advise on your current burning challenges. This circle is always led by a moderator, who is also a C Talks member and was specifically trained for this facilitator role.